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Artistic direction: Virginie Martin | Production and video animation: Cutback | Musical collaboration: Start Rec | Production: Culturespaces Studio®

This immersive experience follows the artistic evolution of Mondriaan, who freed himself from the restraints of traditional painting to pioneer a more visionary style: neoplasticism. Mondriaan’s iconic grids of primary colours have inspired artists from all over the world and shaped pop culture.  

Mirroring his life as a whole, his art was permeated by the upheavals at the beginning of the twentieth century: the change from candlelight to fluorescent lighting; from Calvinist austerity to the emergence of a modern rhythmic music called jazz; and from the linear Dutch landscapes to the dizzyingly high skyscrapers in Manhattan, Mondrian’s life is illustrated by major opposing dynamics, which - once expressed on the canvas - find a perfect equilibrium that is magnified by the monumental exhibition areas in the Fabrique des Lumières.  

This exhibition, divided into five chapters, retraces the path towards visual simplicity. This includes the contrast of Dutch twilight, the power of colour that breaks with realism, the dynamics of the line that becomes rigid, the proportion of surfaces in Mondriaan’s Parisian studio and the overflowing energy of the New York rhythm. 

This short exhibition is 14 minutes long, and directly follows our long exhibition From Vermeer to Van Gogh, Dutch Masters


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🎟️ 1 single ticket for 3 exhibitions

Your ticket for this exhibition also includes access to the exhibitions "From Vermeer to Van Gogh, Dutch Masters" and "Infinite Horizons" (contemporary creation presented simultaneously in the Studio). The exhibitions are presented in a loop.