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Direction & Design: HKI-Hellohikimori | Production: Culturespaces Studio®

Infinite Horizons is an artistic journey through a multitude of vistas that defy the rules of perspective. You are projected through a singular vision that leads into a world of abstraction in an endless landscape. There, the perception of each instant propels our imagination toward strange new horizons and seemingly limitless, uncharted lands. 

The concept is based on the notion of a horizon of events. From a real horizon to a horizon of events generated by a black hole, other horizons and alternative realities appear. Like the creation of a raw material, you emerge from the centre of a planet, through its many layers and material diversity. As we ascend, we discover a vast landscape. An infinite horizon gradually emerges before our eyes. Various forms, objects, and particles begin to levitate and hover. In the distance, a convergence of elements creates a mirror effect and what seems to be a bridge between two parallel realities. A black hole is generated by an ultra-powerful gravitational field that sucks up everything that goes near it. Matter is distorted, opening a portal to an unknown dimension, and revealing reality in an unfamiliar and unexpected way: contemplation, enchantment, exaltation, disorientation - Infinite horizons is for the courageous souls who let their imagination roam free. 


Opening hours

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* Last admission: 1 hour before the closing of each exhibition


🎟️ 1 single ticket for 3 exhibitions

Your ticket for this exhibition also includes access to the exhibition "From Vermeer to Van Gogh, Dutch Masters" and "Mondrian, An Abundance of Color" in the hall. The exhibitions are presented in a loop.

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