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Beyond the artwork

Lecture by Vrije Academie

19:30 - 21:00

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4 October 2023

On 4 October 2023, step into the artworks of Salvador Dalí like never before through a captivating evening lecture by Vrije Academie.

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) gained global renown for his surrealistic masterpieces. Through surrealism, he could manifest his dreams into what he termed "hand-painted dream photographs." He developed a distinct style in which he portrayed uncanny and eerie scenes. But what's hidden beneath these captivating visuals? What emerges when you delve into Dalí's mesmerizing dreamscapes? Join Patricia Huisman's enlightening talk at Fabrique des Lumières and immerse yourself in Dalí's art like never before.

After Patricia Huisman's lecture, the exhibition "Dalí, The Endless Enigma" will be presented. Let yourself be inspired by the surreal work of Dalí and experience the exhibition with a heightened understanding of the artist's creations!

About Vrije Academie

The largest national educational institute for art & culture since 1990, Vrije Academie makes cultural knowledge accessible to the widest possible audience. With a large team of professional speakers, Vrije Academie’s mission is to make it possible to get acquainted with art & culture in a thorough, pleasant way. From the head office in Amsterdam, an up-to-date, broad and original educational offer is provided daily in more than fifty places in the Netherlands.

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(Re)discover the exhibition

In this immersive exhibition, all facets of the artist are considered, from his impressionistic and cubism-inspired works, to mysticism and eventually his surrealist period. Thirty years after his death, Dali’s work is still a welcome escape from the familiar here and now. Now presented like you’ve never seen before at Fabrique des Lumières.

Curious about the exhibition? Learn more here.


This lecture will be given in Dutch.

Clock icon Duration: 1,5 hours

 Patricia Huisman

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