The Last Sentinels

From near and far

Jimmy Nelson

This is ‘The Last Sentinels: Heroes, from near and far’, an overwhelming tribute to humanity. Be inspired by a digital and immersive translation of the oeuvre of the Dutch-British photographer, Jimmy Nelson. Together with Jimmy Nelson Studio, we present to you a sensory and stimulating exhibition.

In this exhibition, Jimmy Nelson's iconic photographs of 'The Last Sentinels' are blown up to life-size proportions, through a combination of photography, film, animation and sound. The exhibition is enhanced with images from Jimmy Nelson's latest project: ‘Between the Sea and the Sky’. Step into the world of indigenous communities worldwide, their connection with each other and nature and their traditional regional and costume. An ode to the world and to the Netherlands.

Between the sea and the sky: an ode to The Netherlands 

Jimmy Nelson's latest book 'Between the Sea and the Sky' is an ode to the Netherlands. During the recent global travel restrictions, Jimmy Nelson realised that he doesn't have to travel to the ends of the world to discover exceptional human beauty. ‘Between the Sea and the Sky’ is a journey through the remaining traditional cultures of the Netherlands and portrays them through intimate portraits and iconic landscapes.

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson (1967) has been photographing native cultures all his life, which resulted in his first book 'Before They Pass Away' in 2013. Five years later, 'Homage to Humanity' (2018) followed. Nelson places people on a pedestal in front of his camera, giving extraordinary and often almost forgotten communities a dignified and visible platform. With his passionate portraits, he celebrates human diversity and beauty.

Length of exhibition: 40 minutes



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- Until 4 February 2023

Only on Friday and Saturday from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm. 



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